With the new Steam-O-Belt thermo sauna the kilos melt automatically!
The steam moisture of the Steam-O-Belt thermo sauna makes you sweat and helps to reduce your weight! Faster than with dry heat!

Sweating with steam is more effective than with dry heat.
To sweat is a natural process of the body in order to discharge toxic substances and regulate the metabolism. Steam-O-Belt is your portable sauna with intensified effect that simulates the process of sweating for you while you are watching TV, reading a newspaper or simply relaxing.
Forget exhausting workout! You don´t need to starve any more or spend a lot of money every month in pills and creams any more. Get prepared to show yourself this summer and to gain back your bikinis figure from old times!
The secret: the portable sauna Steam-O-Belt directs the therapeutic steam on the problem areas - hips, buttocks, belly or thighs - and supports you in improving your appearance.

Easy to use and with results after the first application:

  • Connect the steam generator to the power grid, fill it with water by using the measuring vessel and funnel. After that place the Steam-O-Belt on the part of your body that you want to work on. The belt is flexible and adapts to any size.
  • The system is simple: the belt produces heat and thus makes you sweat. The pores open and the body discharges toxic substances.
  • The belt adapts to any size and has a temperature controller. You only have to choose the temperature that you need.

Steam-O-Belt details 2:


  • comfortable domestic use
  • burns fat
  • hardens the belly
  • reduces cellulitis

Technical data:

  • 230V/50Hz
  • 170 watt

What you get:

  • steam generator
  • Steam-O-Belt
  • user manual
  • instructions and diet plan for weight reduction
  • measuring tape
  • tubes
  • funnel
  • measuring vessel


This highly convenient portable steam sauna allows you to enjoy the benefits of a genuine steam sauna bath at anytime. The system combines the best of modern technology with traditional fuming curative techniques to provide a therapeutic user experience.

Health Benefits:

This portable steam sauna creates a therapeutic environment for your body and mind, using steam at 113ºF to stimulate high levels of perspiration and thus eliminate impurities from your body, expanding blood vessels and skin pores, improving blood circulation and aiding the elimination of extra fat and other toxins in from your body

The sauna experience is guaranteed to relax your muscles and revitalize you skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. .


Elimination of Toxins - The intense heat induces heavy perspiration and encourages your body to expel any toxins present from all of your organs, leaving you cleansed and refreshed from the inside out.

Heal, Tones & Soothes Skin, Aids Blood Circulation - The intense heat of a steam sauna encourages increased blood circulation and abundant sweating, causing excess lactic acid to exit the body via open pores in the skin, leaving your skin cleansed of dead skin cells, blackheads and general bacteria. The end result is younger and fresher looking skin.

Heart Disease Prevention - Stream treatments have been shown to have a stimulating effect on the cardiovascular system, improving blood circulation without causing an increase in blood pressure, and stimulating the expansion of the blood vessels in the skin to allow them to accommodate the increased flow. The increased heart rate resulting from this treatment also has a beneficial effect, simulating the effects of strenuous exercise whilst allowing you to relax in your own sauna.

Ease Stress, Muscle Tension & Sleeping Disorders - The use of heat to treat muscular aches and pains is well-established, and once in the sauna, your aches and pains will fade away as accumulations of lactic acid and carbon dioxide in your muscles are eliminated. Steam treatments are also thought to aid restful sleep.

Prevents Colds & Flu, Builds Up Immune System - One of the many beneficial effects of a sauna session is a brief and slight increase in body hypothermia. This causes the body's defense mechanisms against bacteria, microbes and infection to be stimulated. A common side effect of the stresses and strains of everyday life is for your body's immune system to be weakened by the presence of toxins which obstruct optimum blood circulation and impair cellular energy. This causes your body's ability to fight illness to be restricted. The slight rise in body temperature resulting from a sauna session causes your body to promote the production of white blood cells (leukocytes) within your bone marrow and killer T cells inside your thymus, resulting in a strengthened immune system.

Assists in Cancer Treatments -The intense heat of an infrared sauna treatment simulates hypothermia, the raising of body temperature, which stimulates the production of white blood cells. Greater numbers of white cells result in an increased ability for the body to destroy target cells.

Studies have also shown that intense levels of heat can protect healthy cells and make tumor cells more susceptible to chemotherapy and radiation. It is for this reason that infrared saunas have begun to be used to complement the traditional cancer therapies of radiation and chemotherapy, sometimes making it possible for these to be applied in lower, safer doses. There is also some evidence to suggest that breast cancer is less prevalent amongst women who regularly use saunas.

    Healthy life style!!

Instructions for Using PORTABLE Steam Sauna:

The portable sauna will unfold easily, without any assembly required. The sauna should be placed on a floor where any condensation can be wiped away easily.

Connect the bathtub to the steamer using the stem connection hose.  Make sure the connection hose is securely tightened.

Fill the steamer with fresh water up to the watermark line. When using the sauna together with aroma oil, put one drop of aromatherapy oil in the water. When taking a Herbal sauna, place an entire Herbal tea-bag into the water.

Insert the power plug into a normal 110 outlet and turn on the steamer.

The timer can be set for 30 to 60 minutes.
Use the head cover located along the top side of the bathtub to enjoy a Steam Facial.

Place your chair inside the sauna and take a load off. Once inside the sauna, close the zipper. Feel free to extend your arms through openings of the sauna and read at your leisure.



·        Before using this appliance, please read this manual carefully and store it for future use.

·        Make sure the main power supply stated on the appliance match that the mains socket is equipped with.

·        Before you come into the bathtub again when it is hot, allow the steamer to cool down for a few minutes that the mains socket is equipped with.

·        Do not touch the appliance with wet hands or feet when it is plugged in.

·        Unplug the steamer before performing any maintenance.

·        After use, clean away the moisture inside the bathtub with soft cloth and dry it.

·        Do not allow the children to use the steamer or any others who do not know how to operate it.

·        When the steam spa is not in use, it is advisable to keep it unplugged.



The Total Core is an abdominal fitness machine that you may have seen advertised on shopping channels or other infomercials. In this short article, I shall review the Total Core (extra or Deluxe versions) and discuss whether it works or not. I hope this will provide you with the ability to make an informed decision about this fitness machine.

The Total Core is sold as a machine that's able to tone and trim your belly and waistline. These statements are important and revealing as the machine is not portrayed as one that can make you lose belly fat. This is likely the case as it is known that no ab exercises can specifically target and burn off belly fat. Indeed, it is nearly impossible to spot reduce fat with any exercise. You lose fat from your body in its entirety and not from any specific body part.

This means that if you have belly fat to lose, using this machine by itself will not be enough to get optimal results. You will need to follow a healthy and sensible diet plan that's focused on fat loss and you will likely need to pursue other forms of exercise, those that will help you shed more body fat faster and more efficiently than just crunches. There is a diet manual that comes with the machine, but you may need more to really get results.

Crunches are the exercise that the Total Core helps you do. You sit in the machine, rest your back against the supporting frame with its cushions and perform a regular crunch. At the back of the Total Core, there are a number of coils that help you do the crunch. In particular, there's this point of maximum resistance when you raise your upper body during a crunch that some people find hard to overcome. These coils will help you get over that point.

However, there are people who say that a crunch should only be performed until you reach that point and no further. In addition, the fact that the exercise becomes easier also reduces the amount of stimulation your ab muscles receive and so may reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.

The Total Core is marketed as a machine that can help support your back and neck and so reduce the stress a crunch may create on those body parts. It is true that the Total Core supports your back but as your head is not supported by the rest (for people of a certain height), the neck support is doubtful.

There's no doubt that you can get a workout by using this machine. The Total Core does work your abs. However, to get optimal results may require more.

For pros and cons of this machine visit Total Core Reviews
To get a free report on how to get flat abs visit Free Diet Plan Report

John Davenport lost over 30 pounds in his twenties after being overweight most of his life. He now runs a weight loss forum and publishes a diet and fitness newsletter.


Is a superior colon-cleansing health drink made from best natural ingredients that sweeps and lushes out all toxins from our colons, leaving it clean and healthy.

Many diseases in our body are related to our gastro-intestinal tract. Experts in large intestinal health point out that 90% of the modern chronic diseases are due to the the poor functions of the intestinal tract. It is important therefore, to have a clear and thorough understanding of our intestinal tract.

Colon Cancer is characterized by a malignant tumor arising from the inner wall of the large intestine. Although the exact causes of colon cancer are not known, it appears that both hereditary and environmental factors, like what we eat and our expending habits, play a role in its development. The early stages of cancer may have no symptoms. Therefore, regular screening is important.

Colon cancer can cause either diarrhea or constipation. If the cancer blocks the passage of stool, it usually causes constipation. Sometimes, however, a blockage causes the the secretion of water behind the blockage, and liquid stool from behind the blockage leaks around the cancer and results in diarrhea. Cancer, particularly in the distal part of the colon, can lead to thin stools. Cancer in the rectum can lead to a sense of incomplete evacuation.


When your Body Slender arrives to you, it already comes assembled and ready to go, so you don't need to worry about fumbling with screws and bolts while trying to put it together.
You simply place the included Body Slender on the ground then, step on the pedals - one foot at a time.
Once you're standing firmly on the Body Slender, just lean and balance yourself from one side to the other. As you're doing this, your entire body - from your legs to your abs - gets a total and complete workout!

If you're looking for a truly unique and different way to exercise and lose weight, then look no further and order your Body Slender today!

Keep track of your goals!

An important aspect of working out is to set goals and reach them. With the Body Slender, you can use the Personal Training Computer that's built right into the unit to chart your progress and feel good about yourself every time you pass a fitness milestone:

 Total workout time
 Total repetitions
 Reps per minute
 Calories burned
 Scan function scrolls through all workout stats

With the Personal Training Computer located right on top of the Body Slender, all you need to do is glance down, and the large LED monitor prominently displays your workout progress, so can feel good as you get in shape!

The workout mat is designed to help your Body Slender move and glide more efficiently.
Just place the Body Slender workout  on the ground, and you've got an instant exercise area that doesn't take up much space, but gets you great results!

 Healthy balance for a healthy body!
The Body Slender helps you achieve that all important healthy balance of exercise by creating a healthy balance of exercise!   You'll get a workout like you've never had before, and you'll see the results you want to see and feel great at the same time.


Vibro Action

Having a tough time getting rid of that gut of yours?

Do you dream of showing off a flat tummy, a sexy figure, or strong well-defined muscles…?

Of course, you do - we all do - but now with the Vibro action belt you really can!
Here is a system that works your muscles and achieves astonishing results! You can experience a hard-core vibration work out while you simply relax in the comfort of your own home - it really is that easy.

The Vibro action belt shakes your body and helps tone up your muscles and in combination with our exclusive diet-plan system, it can help target your most difficult problem areas--the abs, buns and thighs.

You could start to see these benefits in only a brief amount of time! The secret is in Vibro action’s unique vibration system that produces rapid and intense involuntary muscle movements, 500 to 900 times per minute. Your muscles react to the vibration by moving and relaxing automatically – it really works your muscles!

The Vibro action is designed to fit anybody. Simply put the belt on and using its handy control pad, turn it up to the intensity level you want. It features 5 different intensity levels, as well as an Automatic Mode, so you can choose the level you're comfortable with. Then just sit back and relax. Immediately it will go to work, working the core of your body.

Convenient and easy, Vibro action targets the exact area you want to tone up, at a price that’s affordable and you can use it anywhere in the home - watching TV, reading, listening to music, in the kitchen or while just having fun - wherever you like!

Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee

Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee is one slimming beverage that piqued my curiosity thus made me buy a box to try it out. Since college, I veered away from slimming teas and the likes because the ones I’ve tried before just made me do frequent trips to the comfort room and triggered my hyper acidity.

Last year, I really gained weight and most of the bulges concentrated on my hips, butt and thigh. I wasn’t able to exercise unlike before when I got to participate on running events. My friend, Hazel of Veruca, who’s also my supplier of Cyleina soaps, only has positive reviews about Leisure 18 that’s why I got interested. Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee won’t give you undesirable side effects like diarrhea, palpitations and dizziness. I bought one box from her for Php250 which contains 18 sachets, good for 18 days.


As per the instruction, I take it before breakfast, or in my case, before going to work because I get to have my brunch when I arrive at the office. I already experienced the effect on the first day, I lost my appetite which is very very rare, but I still forced to eat my brunch but didn’t finish the whole serving since I felt full unexpectedly. Throughout the day, I don’t have any food cravings even when it’s already snack time. I just grabbed some crackers and soda just so I can eat something but I really don’t feel hungry the rest of the day. What I really love about it is that I completely forgot about my chocolates addiction, even when faced with chocolates and junk foods at the grocery, nothing seem to tickle my taste buds.

I feel really thirsty the whole day though, but I think it’s also good because I get to increase my water intake. I think the coffee has high caffeine content because there are some nights that I’m still awake at 3 am, not good for students and people who must get up early.

As for other side effects, I did experience dizziness and slight palpitations on my first week. But I guess it’s manageable and continued drinking this for 7 straight days. Unfortunately, I got sick the week after my “slimming coffee week” so I decided to stop drinking it until I get well. The second “slimming coffee week” was a better experience for me because no palpitations and dizziness this time. Of course, different strokes for different folks right? So if you want to know about other experiences of Leisure 18 users, there’s a thread at Girltalk forum where girls share their own experiences.



Oligosaccharides containing dietary fiber content of chlorophyll.
Garcinia healthy weight loss do not rebound fashion magic
Weight and Blood Fat Reducing Coffee -- 20 Sachets!
* Weight loss coffee can also promote cardiovascular circulation is more diuretic effect. DEEP GREEN DETOX DIET
* For woman there is the role of beauty, often drinking can make your skin radiant and shiny.
Fashion Show 3in1 Slimming Coffee is 100% natural and herbal lose weight coffee, it can supply energy for the body, burn the redundant fat, speed up the metabolism, clean the internal system in time and refreshed.
It can lose 5 pounds after drinking for one week.* Control diet appropriately and increase excise will get better result.
* The amount of weight loss may vary from one body to another.
Popular in Europe and America area called "weight-loss" coffee drinks which through the principle of induction from raw to lose weight, is safe and will not cause weight rebound. If you have tried countless weight loss methods have failed to reduce to the ideal body weight, try drinking coffee selection convenient weight-loss method.
What are the main ingredients of this slimming coffee?
The main ingredients of Fashion Show 3 in 1 Slimming coffee are ark arabica coffee forests of Brazil, Garcinia Cambogia (HCA) Ling-based critic acid, instant coffee, Lingzhi Spore Powder, Ginseng Powder, Semen Cassiae, Dietary Fiber.
Important notes on the ingredients of Fashion Show 3 in 1 Slimming Coffee.
* The amount of ginseng and lingzhi in coffee can speed up body metabolism, promote digestion, rapid break down fat, which contains antioxidant polyphenols, anti-aging effect.
* Garcinia cambogia extract (HCA), can block the sugar, starch into fat, the American Institute of Certified Drug, Garcinia cambogia meals 4-8 hours with 60% - 70% reduction in fat information.
How many sachets are there in a box of Fashion Show 3 in 1 Slimming Coffee?
There are 20 sachets in a box and each sachet has 10grams.

How do you take / drink Fashion Show 3 in 1 Slimming Coffee?
You drink a cup of Fashion Show 3 in 1 Slimming Coffee once a day only. Take 30 to 45 minutes before your first meal of the day.

Who should take Fashion Show 3 in 1 Slimming Coffee?
Fashion Show 3 in 1 Slimming Coffee is suitable for people who are obese, those who wanted to lose weight, people who want to remove unwanted fats from their body.



• Reducing fat while improving immune system.
• Compound dietary fibre.
• 100% Fruit and vegetable formula.
• Improves gastrointestinal function preventing constipation.
• Detoxify our body.

Reduce fat while strengthens the immune system

Contains dietary fibre. -Contains LISSOME medical granule which aids in defecation and prevent constipation.

Contains Mexico Orange Fibre Extracts, konjak fibre and soy bean fibre which also aids in restoration of regular defecation and prevent constipation.

Aids in discharging and decomposing food retention toxin which is usually hidden in the intestinal folds which results to cleaner intestines.

With SPECIAL INGREDIENTS like Water Soluble Pearl Powder contains calcium and micro nutrients which clears away heat resulting to detoxification and losing body fat.

Qercetin -it helps spleen of the stomach to reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, break down and decompose body fat.

Water Soluble Pearl Powder - contains calcium and micro nutrients which clears away heat resulting to detoxification and losing body fat. 


·        1 sachet in hot or cold 100ml water, every morning. 30 minutes before breakfast.

·         For people less than 180lbs, you should only take 1 sachet every morning.

  For obese or those weighing more than 180lbs, you may take 1 sachet in the morning and another 1 in the afternoon.

Leisure Slimming Orange Juice contains Mexico Orange Fibre Extracts, which has a water-soluble pearl powder, dietary fibre, fructo-oligose, renieratene, many kinds of vitamins which are extracted through modern biotechnology techniques. It helps obese people to lose extra fat, burn excessive body fat, promote and expedite fat metabolism, remove toxins from the body and regulate the endocrine system. With the added water-soluble pearl powder and enzyme hydrolysis technology, the body will be able to absorb keratin pearls which will be transformed into the pearls of amino acids and peptides which will help reduce body fat. It also contains collagen protein and amino acid which are necessary for body, increasing your lustre and beauty.


Leisure 18 Slimming Orange Juice contains Mexico Orange Fiber Extracts, which has a water-soluble pearl powder, dietary fiber, fructo-oligose, renieratene, many kinds of vitamins which is extracted through modern biotechnology techniques. It helps obese people to lose extra fat, burn excessive body fat, promote and expedite fat metabolism, remove toxins from the body and regulate the endocrine system. With the added water-soluble pearl powder and enzyme hydrolysis technology, the body will be able to absorb keratin pearls which will be transformed into the pearls of amino acids and peptides which will help reduce body fat. It also contains collagen protein and amino acid which are necessary for body, increasing your luster and beauty.


Total Core is the amazing abdominal exerciser that gives you a full, 360-degree, total core workout in one simple and continuous motion, all from a comfortable seated position. You'll work the front of your core including upper abs, lower abs, and side oblique plus lower back muscles and back of your core, all at the same time. The Total Core is comfortable, compact, and lightweight, yet precision manufactured from high quality materials designed to last a lifetime.
Total Core is an innovative new core exerciser that provides stress and strain free workout. Total Core Workout secret is the one of a kind progressive resistance system that gives you a slight push during the upward motion. This slight assistance eliminates the jerking motion of the head, neck and shoulders associated with doing the traditional crunch, providing you with a smooth upward motion that allows you to totally concentrate your efforts on your abs and core. Total Core also provides you with resistance and support on the downward motion, resistance which is effectively a reverse crunch that works your lower back. This upward assistance and downward resistance means that Total Core provides a total workout for your core region.




Pearl White Slimming Capsules contain Pearls, Cassiam Chrysanthemum, Ginseng and Fleece Flower Root.

Product Feature:
The capsule is made from carefully selected refined pearls of Tai lake in China, and natural rare and precious vegetables.

It is rich in various trace elements, and it is a natural product without any chemical component. The product has the function of adjusting human bodies in double-way.

It can directly and more quickly decompose extra fat and reduce weight. At the same time of reducing weight and slimming the body, it can also nourish skin, beautify and make the skin more elastic.

It is the top choice for beauty-pursuing women.

Product Specification / Models:
Ingredients: pearls, ginseng, fleece flower root, cassia seed.
flos chrysanthemi indici.

Application Dosage: one pill to be taken with warm water 30 minutes before
breakfast and dinner

Final Facts:

Pearl White Slimming Capsules were designed to provide users with two separate effects: enhanced weight loss and increased skin health.

It is reported that the extracts used in this formula can not only increase metabolic function and reduce hunger, but it is said that they can also strengthen and tone the skin.


The Ab Rocket is a revolutionary way to work your lower, upper, middle abs and even your sides, giving you the body that you’ve always wanted. In just 5 minutes a day, the Ab Rocket will rocket your abs from flab to fab!

The Ab Rocket comfortably supports your head and neck while the rolling cushion action gives a gentle massage every time you work out.

And with 3 levels of resistance, the Ab Rocket is perfect for exercise beginners and pros alike.

The Ab Rocket is a brand new abdominal trainer that assists with abs crunches. You can adjust the tension of the abs rocket to make it more or less difficult. The Ab Rocket also accommodates different body types and sizes. The infomercial claims that a university study found that one woman increased her lower abs activity by 107 percent.

Fashion show 3 in 1

 Amount of ginseng and lingzhi in coffee can speed up body metabolism, promote digestion, rapid break down fat, which contains  antioxidant polyphenols, anti- aging effect.

Garcinia cambogia extract (HCA), can block the sugar, starch into fat, the American Institute of Certified Drug, Garcinia cambogia meal-8 hours with 60% - 70% reduction in fat formation.

Main Distribution Division: Dark arabica coffee forests of Brazil, Garnicia Cambogia (HCA) Ling-based citric acid, Instant coffee, Lingzhi Spore Powder, Ginseng Powder, Semen Cassiae, and Dietary Fiber.

Specification: 10gx20 sachets

Use: 0nce a day, every bag, an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast, (after drinking more water).
Suitable for people: for the pure of obesity, the more applicable to stubborn fat and lose weight repeatedly with no response.

* Weight Loss: Weight Loss Barista very healthy, a cup of 100 grams of coffee in Brazil CLT is only 2.55 kcal thin heat. Therefore, pre-dinner cup of coffee can effectively break down fat.


 *Weight loss coffee can also promote cardiovascular circulation is more diuretic effect.

*For women, slimming coffee, there is the role of beauty, often drinking can make you radiant and shiny.
Fashion Show Slimming Coffee is 100% natural and herbal lose weight coffee, it can supply energy for the body, burn the redundant fat, speed up the metabolism, clean the internal system in time and refreshed.
It can lose 5 pounds after drinking for 0ne week. Control diet appropriately and increase excise will get result.
Popular in Europe and America area called "weight loss" coffee drinks which through the principle of induction from raw to lose weight, is safe and will not cause weight rebound. If you have tried countless weight loss methods have failed to reduce to the ideal body weight, try drinking coffee selection convenient weight-loss method.

Start building lean muscle mass today with hundreds of different exercises and workout routines! Building lean muscle mass is one of the most important things you can do to attain a lean physique. By adding muscle to your body, you will be burning more calories all day long. Resistance training is critical for burning fat, losing weight & keeping it off for a lifetime.



(Pearl Beauty & Slimming Formula) Enhance Immunity Supplement)

-Lighten Dark Patches Increases Skin Complexion
-Metabolic Rate Increase
-Strengthen The Function of Detoxification
-Relieving Drops from Body

GMP Compliance with GMP Standard Enterprise
HALAL Certified

CURVY MAGIC SLIMMING ORANGE JUICE according to the modern medical and homologous theory, chosen by Mexico orange, water-soluble pearl powder, dietary fiber, fructoligose, renieratene, many kinds of vitamins as raw materials, made of modern biotechnology techniques. Directed towards obese people to lose extra fat, burning excessive body fat, promote and expedite fat metabolism, removing toxins from the body, regulating the endocrine system. Particularly with the added water soluble pearl powder, enzyme hydrolysis technology, the body cannot digest absorption of keratin pearls which will be transformed into the pearls of amino acids and peptides and absorbed by human body, and directly dissolved in water, so you add in the reduced fat body. Meanwhile, supplementing a variety of collagen protein and amino acid which are necessary for body, increasing your luster and whitening skin, eliminating the side effects of other slimming products such as water loss, pale yellow and other symptoms, it is the latest products both SLIMMING and SKIN BEAUTY.


* Reducing Fat While Strengthening Immunity
-Reducing fat at the same time taking out a small part of energy, so Curvy added kinds of the vitamins and mineral substances needed by people can enhance body immunity, improve resistance.

* Compound Dietary Fiber
-Curvy medical granule is a latest product for defecation, adopting the best international science fruit and vegetable fiber intestinal lavage method, compound fruit and vegetable fiber, health, high effectiveness, "INTESTINAL TRACT SOFT GOLD" called by scientist.

* 100% Fruit and Vegetable Formula
-Mexico orange fiber + konjak fiber + soy bean fiber, 100% fruit and vegetable formula, effect is to restore regular defecation, safety, health, fundamentally improve constipation condition.

* Defecation as well as Detoxification
-Restoring injured intestinal mucosa, making your intestinal thorough clean, cool, no constipation. Discharging and decomposing food retention toxin hidden intestinal fold and cleaner discharging emission.

In particular adding water-soluble pearl powder and multiple essential vitamins needed by human body.

Whitening the skin and slimming at the same time, enhance the body resistance Immunity.

Drink slimming orange juice like drink a cup of delicious orange juice, green safety.

It can expedite the metabolism combustion of fat body, a large number of calories consumed, increase ATP activity, thoroughly clean internal body environment, very effective in reducing fat and expulsion of toxins.

Drink a cup of CURVY everyday, can reduce 40% of fat formation and maintain good body shape.

USING EFFECT: Improve gastrointestinal function.

APPLICABLE GROUP: Those constipate and overweight people.

INAPPLICABLE GROUP: Children and pregnant women.

DOSAGE: 1 sachet everyday could be consumed hot or cold. Preferably served cold for better taste. You can drink it any time of the day.

SPECIFICATION: 15g x 12 sachets.

SHELF LIFE: 24 months or 2 years.

STORAGE: Put it in a cool and dry place.

ATTENTION: This product is not a substitute to any kind of drug it is just a supplement to enhance body immunity.

CAUTIONS & SUGGESTIONS: Very few consumers may happen to have poor sleep quality when begin to use it. Consumers should taking and strengthen more exercise, eat more food which contains vitamin C, drink plenty of water and eat more egg food.

1. Water-soluble Pearl Powder:
can supplement calcium, micro nutrient, clearing away heat, detoxification, relieving convulsion, sedative, good from inside to outer, let the body in the balanced state of health, glowing and showing off glory of life.
2. Lotus Leaf Element:
germinal vitality, helping spleen the stomach, can reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, break down or decomposition of fat.


-Hydrolyzed Pearl Powder
-Naturally Pro Slim Plus
-The Professional Slimming Expert


Fashion Slimming Milk Shake Whitening Fat Weight Loss

Main Characteristics:

Rapidly reduce fat and lose weight.

Make skin white, young, smooth and elastic.

Regulate blood and cholesterol.

Accelerate Metabolism.

Strengthen immune system.

Release toxic substance inside your bodies.

Healthy and natural.

Contains herbal and Japanese pearl extracts, vitamins and minerals.

Delicious, tasty fantastic and enjoyable.



Green Coffee 800 original formula is a drug free, instant style beverage containing a blend of herbal extracts to assist weight loss. Used in conjunction with a healthy diet plan, Green Coffee 800 is designed to curb your appetite and stimulate your body in readiness to utilize fat and burn calories. The extracts and minerals used in this product have been sourced from far reaches of the globe to make this unique and all natural herbal green coffee and green tea formula available from Slimming Green Coffee Australia Pty Ltd. Green Coffee 800 contains the anti oxidant qualities necessary to assist thermo genesis which is the effect of increasing metabolism of fat. Chromium increases carbohydrate burn and metabolic rate and Panax Ginseng helps to maintain energy levels while dieting.

Green coffee 800 supports weight loss with a healthy life style. Try drinking plenty of water, eating more fruit and vegetables and enjoy regular gentle exercise. The active ingredient in green coffee 800, chlorogenic acid supports your glucose metabolism and may help reduce absorption of sugar from food and may help cut down calories absorbed by the body.

The herbal extracts and minerals used in this product have been gathered from all over the world to make this all natural diet supplement. Green coffee contains the anti-oxidant qualities necessary to cause thermo genesis which increase the metabolism of fat. Chromium and Vanadium increase carbohydrate burn and metabolic rate, and Panax Ginseng helps to maintain energy levels while dieting. Another ingredient, Heartleaf starts the fat burning process while curbing the appetite.


  • 70mg Calcium
  • 250mcg Chromium (as Chromium Dinicotinate Glycinate)
  • 700mg Proprietary Herbal Bend: Green Tea Leaf Standardized Extract (180mg antioxidant polyphenols, 90mg epigallocatechin gallate [EGCG], 50mg naturally occurring caffeine), Asian (Panax) Ginseng Root Standardized.


MAX SLIMMING COFFEE is the extract of Japan wild red ganoderma and Korean ginseng refined from pure natural plants, mainly for fat accumulation and toxin, to remove the accumulation of toxin in the subcutaneous fat, keep lymph flowing smoothly, taking the body fat problems away. Drinking this product after meal will help to improve and smooth the function of stomach, help to enhance body metabolism and eliminate the fats in the waist, legs, buttocks transformed as stool (feces) out of the body to achieve weight-loss, beauty and detoxification in multiple effects. Max Slimming coffee will enable you to enjoy a better and fashionable life. “Drink” the good out of a slim figure. Not only being safe but also no causing any weight rebound. Losing weight is so easy; it’s just simple cup of Max slimming coffee every day.

               KOREAN GINSENG


Ginseng has been used traditionally against fatigue and as a tonic for invigorating various systems of the body. Russian scientists coined the term “adaptogen” to describe a substance or herb that could increase the body’s resistance to stress or had an invigorating action upon the consumer. Thus Korean ginseng is considered to be, along American ginseng, an adaptogenic herb. Ginseng also purportedly enhances mental concentration.

GANODERMA LUCIDUM contains high concentration of Organic Germanium, Polysaccharides and Triterpenes. These active components are proven to strengthen our immunity cells and improve our immune system. A good source of antioxidants, which enzymes or other organic compounds that counteract on human tissue. Also have a calming effects on the central nervous system. So there's a clear anti-aging effect.

Drinking a cup of slimming coffee everyday, will melt your fat away!


Honored as the top honorable: GOLDEN EMPEROR AWARD” of Japan Fat Reducing Association
The Best Modern Slimming Product Recommended by the Movie Stars and Models of Korea and Japan

Pretty Model Slimming Capsule is plant research doctor of Japan Koto Basha Pharmacy Co., Ltd., is made of extracted multi-plant that have defined fat reducing effect, and is made by scientific formula. Through functional experiment, it proved that Pretty Model can rapidly discharge the superfluous fat and toxin of the body, has effects of reducing fat, beautifying, whitening, moisturizing skin and detoxifying. Taking three boxes can reduce 10-20 kilograms, is the best slimming product of the movie stars and models of Korea and Japan.

It can REDUCE FAT IN THREE DAYS. Pretty Model Slimming Capsule was not only selling well in many places in Foreign countries, but also become one of the most famous slimming products. It proved that after taking it, the unique ingredients of Lotus Leaf and Chitosan can decompose 6 grams of fat, taking it every day, the human body can accept the maximum of 450 mg, Pretty model can reduce fat over one kilogram in three days, reduce fat several kilograms in a month. Because of it, those who are anxious to interview, who are in love, and near wedding day, and the woman who wants to be beautiful, especially like wearing short skirt, like showing perfect figure shall list, Pretty Model Slimming Capsule” as the first choice. This product makes you slim once you take it, then slim down again and again until to the perfect slender.


 Slimming Capsule can have four changes:
1. Reduce 5kg in 3 days. Reach perfect slender result in a month.
2. Can thoroughly change the fat physical, with no need to worry about the rebound problem.
3. The Super-Excellent reducing Fat Result: It can reduce the fat a waist, abdomen and buttocks in a about 10 days; really can create a “magic” figure.
4. You will become more and more beautiful! The enzyme dispelling fat outcome is the active ion water, which is just aborted by the skin and cell, so that is very delicate and moist. You will become more and more beautiful while reducing fat, in addition, it is very beneficial for fat liver, high-blood, and with safe and reliable, you can set your heart at rest to take it.

·         SOFT AND DELICATE WAIST: the round waist begins to sunk, present concave curve, and become lovely small waist.

·         FLAT ABDOMEN: the abdomen is no longer several levels with sitting, and become flat and firm.

·         FIRM RAINING BUTTOCKS: the wide and fall buttocks is no longer fat and becomes round, solid and tight.

·         SLENDER THIGH: the thigh becomes slender with good shape. The pants is no longer wrap at the leg, is comfortable with wearing pants!

·         LONG AND SLENDER CALF: the calf is no longer protrude, and look very slender, and special long and slender!

·         SLENDER ARMS: the round arms become slender and sex appeal, your bearing becomes excellent no matter how thick sweater you are wearing!

·         ELEGANT FACE: The Line of your face becomes very elegant, with moist and delicate and clear and beautiful!

·         SUPER-EXCELLENT FIGURE: The size of your is small A Size with elegant bearing. All the XXL size of you is entirely eliminated. Tomorrow you will go to buy new dress!

1. Free from diarrhea, anorexia, no rebound
2. Reduce fat at waist, abdomen, arm and thigh
3. Coprostasis , eliminate toxin accumulation
4. Suited for this who want to reduce fat 13 kilograms in a month
5. Suited for those who repeatedly fail in fat reducing
6. For those who have bad skin quality, splash and acne

Lotus Leaf, Chinese Watermelon peel, aweto, glossy ganoderma, ginseng and Chitosan.

Reduce fat, Whiten and Beautify skin (without controling your food intake)

what you read is how it works for me and I am sharing it to everybody who desperately wants to get back in fashion like me...I am recommending the item from experience.

DIRECTIONS: One tablet or twice daily 30 minutes before breakfast.



* New Conceptualized Technique

* Natural & High In Potency

* Pure Natural and Healthy Green Food

* Product Recommended by Most Nutritionist

Wake up to a fresh cup of this healthy all-natural slimming coffee and drink your way to a slimmer and healthier you. Recommended to be taken 30-minutes before breakfast. Enjoy it- hot or cold. Mix it with your favorite cinnamon chocolate powder for that fragrant morning coffee, or mix it with your favorite vanilla soy milk and pop some ice for that refreshing ice cold coffee. Also tastes fantastic with vanilla almond milk.


1. No Taboos, no diet, no diarrhea

2. Mainly decrease fats of the waist, legs, back and arms, will not pose a threat to the breast

3. will not rebound

4. Beauty corrected

5. Natural materials, SAFE TO DRINK


1. Combined slimming power of Coffee and Green Tea.
2. Guaranteed Slimming Results in 7-Days! Because its all-natural, you can enjoy it beyond 7-days with no side effects and to maintain a 
    healthy weight.
3. Contains anti-oxidants and helps the body detoxify naturally.
4. Speeds us metabolism by increasing the rate of gastric peristalsis
5. No diet, no diarrhea effect.
6. No rebound and no addicting effect.
7. Contains all-natural plant extracts, safe and guaranteed safe with no side-effects.
8. Coffee naturally contains 4x more antioxidants than green tea.

INGREDIENTS: Coffee and Tea Powder, Garcinia Cambogia (HCA), Fruit and Vegetable Fiber, minerals and multivitamins.



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